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Dermal Fillers

Eyes, the storytellers of aging, find solace in our tailored solutions. Embark on a rejuvenating journey for your eyes at Perfect Secret Aesthetics, where Botox gracefully reduces expression lines, and Beautifeye specialises in restoring fine lines. Nucleofill, a potent polynucleotide, acts as the maestro, harmonising volume loss, pigmentation, and fine lines with powerful effects. For a subtler touch, experience the precision of Sunekos, offering a tailored approach that complements the impactful results of polynucleotide. Often, under-eye concerns stem from a lack of support in the mid-face. If you're experiencing hollowing and ridges at the lid-cheek junction, during your consultation, Nurse Kate may discuss the option of cheek fillers to correct the underlying support, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised solution for your age-defying gaze.


Additionally, the opening of the eye area is enhanced with Botox, lifting the arch of the brow, particularly beneficial for hooded eyes. For a more long-lasting solution, dermal fillers can be employed to frame your eyes with eyebrow filler, restoring a youthful and refreshed appearance.

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