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Medical Cosmetic Treatments 


Are you looking for Medical Cosmetic Treatments that naturally enhance your own individuality?

Are you looking for outstanding results and a relationship of trust with an experienced medical professional who will provide complete care and a truly personal service?

If so, you have landed in the right place, and I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic.

I provide a private, safe, and friendly space. My beautiful 5 star rated clinic in the heart of Lytham brings the most cutting-edge aesthetic treatments to Park Street.


"I pride myself on my ongoing commitment to education, learning, and always putting the needs and safety of my patients first. You will receive a full consultation where you can discuss your individual requirements, concerns, and skincare goals. A bespoke treatment plan will then be developed especially for you."

Meet Kate.

Kate qualified as a registered nurse from The University of Central Lancashire in 2011. After a successful career in nursing Kate found that her passion lay within medical aesthetics and has since moved into this field full-time.


Kate has since become an independent nurse prescriber and specialises in the ageing face, ageing skin and treating mature patients. Her aim is to promote self-confidence and enhance natural beauty.


What we offer...


Dermal Fillers

Unlock the age-defying benefits of dermal fillers guided by the skilled hands of Nurse Kate at Perfect Secret Aesthetics. Nurse Kate, with her mastery in clinical aesthetics and a commitment to excellence, tailors each dermal filler treatment to your unique features and aesthetic aspirations. Our premium, CE-licensed fillers are chosen for their safety and efficacy, ensuring a natural yet transformative enhancement. From restoring volume to sculpting facial contours, Nurse Kate brings a personalised touch to every session, turning back the clock with finesse. Experience the artistry of dermal fillers at our Lytham clinic, where Nurse Kate's expertise meets your timeless radiance.

*Treatment areas include:

Forehead & Temple

Cheek enhancement 

Tear trough
Nasolabial folds 


Peri-oral lines

Chin augmentation 

Jawline enhancement 

Jawline & Jowl contouring

Wrinkle correction


Anti Ageing

Embark on a journey to timeless beauty with our expertly administered anti-wrinkle injections at Perfect Secret Aesthetics. Guided by the skilled hands of Nurse Kate, our anti-wrinkle treatments are an artful balance of science and aesthetics. Nurse Kate, with her wealth of experience and clinical mastery, customises each injection to harmonise with your unique facial expressions, gently softening lines while preserving your natural character. Using cutting-edge techniques and CE-licensed products, we strategically target areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles, providing a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. At our sophisticated Lytham clinic, Nurse Kate's meticulous approach ensures that every anti-wrinkle injection session is a bespoke experience, revealing a revitalised version of yourself where timeless beauty takes centre stage.

All patients require a face-to-face consultation prior to booking an anti wrinkle appointment 


Your Journey Starts Here

Value of Consultations at Perfect Secret Aesthetics

Welcome to Perfect Secret Aesthetics, a space where your skin’s story is heard. Our consultations create a dedicated space for you to openly express your skin goals and concerns. We’re here to understand your desires and needs deeply, ensuring a personalised, empathetic approach.

This time together guides us in tailoring treatments that address your unique concerns and aspirations. In our nurturing and professional environment, let’s begin this journey together your skin’s story is our expertise.

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What I like about Kate is her ability to listen, her frankness, her understanding of what we want to improve on our face. Her professionalism and skills give us access to different treatments, either more "natural" or "medical/aesthetic"
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