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"My modern take on aesthetics is like no other in Lytham"

Welcome to Perfect Secret Aesthetics where you will find a gold standard experience in the aesthetics industry. You will be given time to express your concerns in great detail and will be supported to create a treatment plan with access to all the information you need to make an informed decision for your treatment journey. You will be met with kindness and empathy through Nurse Kate who is passionate to deliver the best experience and the best results, as she strives to make you feel happier in yourself. 

With all that in mind you can see why she is the injector of many aesthetic professionals, as she is trusted amongst her industry peers to sculpture their faces too! Kate enjoys the art of restructuring the ageing face. She is a master of detail and has an eye for knowing just what you need to uplift you and make you feel less tired, refreshed and more like the real you. 


Dermal fillers are used to beautify the lips to provide definition and enhance volume. Kate's passion is enhancing her patient’s natural beauty and respects the shape of the natural lips. With this in mind, she will discuss your personal preferences and aim to remedy asymmetry, and balancing the lip proportions.

Stylage by Vivacy Laboratories are our gold standard choice of lip fillers. Chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties (mannitol), and soft g-prime to ensure lips are defined, naturally volumised and sculpted with minimal swelling. 

0.5ml £180

1ml £200

Lip Fillers

Kate specialises in full face rejuvenation. She will assess your face holistically during your consultation and provide you with treatments options within your budget and wishes.


Stylage is again our gold standard dermal

filler due to its long standing safety profile and high g-prime to create volume and projection for areas lacking volume and projection. This means we can use less product for impactful results.


  Treatment areas include:
Cheek enhancement 
Jawline contouring
Jawline & Jowl contouring
Chin enhancement 
Marionette lines (mouth to chin)
Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth)

Temple & Forehead contouring

Tear trough filler

Lip lines & Lip filler

Prices from £180ml


Dermal Fillers


Perfect Secret Aesthetics

Botox by Allergan is Kate's Botulinum Toxin Type A of choice. Botox is the industry leading toxin and know for its safety profile and phenomenal results. All our Botox is prescribed individually for each patient after a face-to-face consultation, as per NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) guidelines 2018.. 


Typically lasting 12 weeks, dependent on your lifestyle and skin integrity. Each patient will be offered a review following 14 days from their treatment.

Botox injections:

1 area - £160

 2 areas - £210

3 areas - £260

4 areas - £310

Additional areas - £50

Additional areas:

Bunny lines

Downturn smile

Gummy smile

Lip flip


Specialist Botulinum Toxin:

Masseter muscle £250

Platysma bands £250

Nefertiti lift £350


Anti-Ageing Treatments

Katie Plowes - 1.jpg


Have time with Nurse Kate to discuss your desired look, ageing concerns, skin complaints and talk through your treatment options. Kate will talk you through her medical questionnaire to ensure you are safe to have treatment and she will explain your consent form., She will then create a treatment journey to plan around your needs and your budget. Consultations are available face-to-face in her Lytham and Chorley based clinic. Lytham is her main clinic so Chorley appointments are limited to twice monthly. 

New patient consultation - £10

Returning patients - free of charge

Katie Plowes - 2.jpg

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Kate is an aesthetics nurse based in a private and discreet Lytham clinic. She is a registered Nurse under the Nursing and Midwifery Council since 2011. She ventured into the world of aesthetics in 2018 because she was feeling the effects of ageing herself and was curious about injectable treatments. She soon realised the pursuit to find the right injector an overwhelming experience and so launched her aesthetics career to provide an aesthetics journey she dreamed of, somewhere she felt safe with a talented practitioner.

Meet Kate

Kate offers her patients a thorough consultation to discover their needs, desires and the source of their concerns to decide on their best options for optimal results and plan their treatment journey. Kate is highly trained in a wide range of treatments from medical grade skin care consultations and treatments to compliment a healthy skin journey and overcome skin complaints. She offers injectable treatments for beautifying the younger patient to full facial volume restoring in her mature patients.


Treatment Price List

Botox  injections:

1 area - £160

2 areas - £210

3 areas - £260

4 areas - £310

Additional areas - £50

Masseter- £250

Platysma bands - £250

Nefertiti lift - £350

Hydro Treatment areas include:
Lip lines/smokers lines 

Under-eye wrinkles
Facial lines below the forehead 
Neck lines

Stylage Hydro - £150 ml

Stylage Hydromax - £180 ml


1 session - £250

course of 2 - £400 



Sunekos 1200 & 200 combined - £300

Sunekos 200 -  £120


single session - £150

course of 3 -£400

BioNutri Neck:

single session - £150

course of 3 - £400

BioNutri Neck & M-HA:

singe session - £220

course of 3 £600

Luxury Dermaplane:

Luxury dermaplane - £50

Luxury dermaplane with hydrating mask - £60

Dermal Fillers - 1ml

Nasolabial folds  - £180
Marrionette lines  - £180


Dermal Filler - 2ml
Cheek Enhancement - £340

Jawline - £340

Dermal Filler - 3ml

Jawline & Jowl - £520

Tear Trough:

1st session - £350

2nd session - £250 (not always required)

Medical Microneedling:

Face & Neck - £140

Face, Neck & Décolletage - £200


Body concerns - POA

Radio Frequency & Electroporation:

1 session £90

course of 6 - £500

course of 8 - £650

Radio Frequency & Microneedling:

1 session - £230

3 sessions - £650

35% TCA Chemical Peel - BioRePeel:

Face - £70
Face & Neck - £100
Face, Neck & Décolletage - £150
Hands - £70

Elbows - £70

Knees - £70

Buttocks - £150

Feet - £70

Skincare Consultations:

Kate will provide you with an in-depth skin analysis to discover the source of your skin complaint or simply advise a cosmeceutical skincare regime for your personal needs.

Available online £25 (30 minutes)

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